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September 24, 2020
2 minutes

Webinar: Shifting from 99% to 99,999% in SLA’s to build better customer experience in 5G

Pulse of networks webinar
Episode #2

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What and for whom? 


Do you want to create business opportunities in 5G by building a better customer experience? Pulse of Networks is an episodic series of webinars brought to you by Creanord and the community of customers industry experts and partners. It is designed and targeted for the commercial, operational and technical teams in the connectivity and communications business and whose responsibility is to maximize network profits and deliver outperforming networks.

Why join this webinar?


In this webinar, we focus on how the assurance can create business opportunities, customer experience, and build trust between the business customer and the service provider. When customers are planning the transition towards the 5G through networks, IoT, and other factors, the first things they come across is the connection quality. At the moment, over 90% of the connection issues are not visible, measured, or reported within the current SLA’s. The new normal of transition from 99% to 99,999% will define the service level for all of the service providers globally.

What to expect?

  • Customer expectations and trust elements
    • Running critical parts of the business in 5G
  • Building the services for the 5G era
  • How to define the Trust and the Customer Experience in the 5G networks
  • Comparing the different measurement values in the service provider context
  • How does the development of network assurance help service providers to understand the customer context

Presentation, demo, and Q&A with:

Jari Augustin

CEO at Creanord




Claus Still

Senior System Engineer at Creanord



About Creanord

Since 2000, Creanord has been building technologies for active and accurate network performance, service quality, and experience data measuring, analytics, and assurance. With Creanord’s solutions, customers can effectively turn data into outperforming networks by making informed decisions, anticipating and preventing problems, enriching 3rd party system with data insights, and automating operations. Data powers service providers create unmatched SLAs and meet customer expectations of tomorrow with confidence.
PulSure™ solution is compounded by PulScore™ network data management center and PulSensor™ active probes. Today Creanord is trusted by the leading connectivity, cloud, and critical communication service providers worldwide.