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Turning data into outperforming networks.

In the hyper-connected world, enabled by 5G and virtualized networks, “slow connection is the new down” and “five 9s just hygiene”. Networks are challenged more than ever to meet the visible and invisible SLAs of ubiquitously connected customers.  Live, cloud-generation networks must be assured actively as well as automated. That´s where we step in. To be on the pulse of your networks.

Interview with Claus Still, CEO at Creanord, during the MWC Barcelona 2024

Learn more about results of our participation in this year’s MWC  and why this year was special in our blog:

Summarizing MWC Barcelona 2024

Active, accurate, agnostic and actionable data for SLA and network quality assurance

Better performance data, better confidence.

The business of “connectivity”  is changing from homogeneous, same-to-many service towards multi-faceted many-to-many offerings. The rise of critical and complex SLAs and QoS promises is inevitable. Selling a 5G slice for police, accessing a business-critical cloud service, enabling autonomous cars, and offering near-zero latency with edge data centers is the new game where the margin for error is close to zero.

Yesterday’s rigid and static solutions won’t scale and build enough confidence for cloud-generation network service providers and their customers. That is why we are needed more than ever.  To provide performance data for automation and intelligent service assurance so that you can wow the customers of tomorrow, outperform the competition, and stay profitable.

Why is our performance data better?

  • It is active. Beyond passive.
  • It is actionable. For network-wide automation.
  • It is accurate. To microseconds.
  • It is agnostic. Across any network technology, system, or application.

BIG solutions in a compact size

We create network performance tracking technology and solutions built for data-driven network service assurance and automation. Solutions are purposefully designed to serve communications service providers, cloud connectivity operators, and critical communication organisations.  We help them in their novel efforts to set and manage SLAs, secure, and assure promised performance.  Our solutions work perfectly across virtual, hybrid, and physical infrastructures either stand-alone or alongside with any 3rd party data source,  BSS/OSS system, and network controller.

Solutions collective


5G service assurance

For 5G network operators looking for an NFV/SDN ready, scalable, and network agnostic performance and quality assurance solution. Being purpose-built for a 5G solution specializes in creating, selling, and delivering 5G network services that will outperform the competition while driving cost-to-serve down through data-driven automation and optimisation. Both needed to maximise 5G service profitability and ROI.

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Wholesale Carrier SLA

Wholesale transport providers need to create a compelling service offering with complex many-to-many SLAs and QoS promises to differentiate. The PULSure solution provides an edge over the competition with unique capabilities to offer accurate SLA reporting, customer portals, and full visibility into the service performance. The innovative and advanced troubleshooting and AI-powered analytics tools further ensure the network is delivering what was promised.

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Enterprise Network SLA

High-quality and reliable connectivity services are at the core of enterprise business operations today. To differentiate, business transport service providers need to offer complex SLAs and customized QoS promises. PULSure offers a solution that provides unprecedented service focused performance and SLA management with versatile service monitoring and activation capabilities, accurate and flexible SLA reporting, and customer portals that exceed the demanding expectations of enterprise customers.

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Critical Communications Assurance

For those who have zero-tolerance for communication interruptions and need to assure the highest network resilience in their mission-critical operations. Accurate, active, and actionable data coupled with pragmatic AI provides anticipatory issue resolution, 360 visibility and situation awareness and closed-loop automation to maximise availability and minimise network downtime. Essential for keeping people, businesses, and societies safe and sound.

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Cloud connectivity assurance

For data center and cloud service providers looking for a complete solution to actively measure and assure end-to-end cloud connectivity, track accurately performance issues as they happen, eliminate possible quality blind spots and provide visibility, control and objective SLA data needed to win customer’s trust (and business)

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  • 5G service assurance
  • Wholesale carrier SLA
  • Enterprise Network SLA
  • Critical communications assurance
  • Cloud connectivity assurance
Performance tracking with active probes and modular management system

Products under the hood.

PULScore – management center is a single pane of glass and control tower across all performance tracking data, situations, incidents, and state of probes and services. It is a centralised operational hub for all configurations of data, KPI, SLA and error action logics, data automation and reporting

PULSensor – virtual and physical probes. Performance tracking with active probes simulates network experience exactly like customers. Like the name suggests they track, sense, and act in real-time network performance and provide data forward. Where ever it is needed.   PULSensor portfolio covers a wide performance range from 500 to 10000 concurrent measurements per probe and is available in physical and virtual appliances.

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