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Creanord designs and delivers network performance quality solutions that build better confidence and readiness for connectivity and communications service providers to create and sell services with SLAs-satisfying to future customers who have zero tolerance for poor performance quality and assure that they are delivering what is promised 24/7.


PULSure is a design framework used for engineering a network performance and experience tracking solution to customer-specific needs and requirements at the fractional cost, time, and effort.


  • Shortest time-to-value
  • Improved ROI
  • Project success
  • Easy customisation

How does it work?

PULSure is used as a solution toolbox. It has been built over the years with the most demanding customers.  In that toolbox, we have different models, proven best practices, and use cases that together will accelerate and secure successful implementations. Knowing that every customer is individual we have made PULSure very modular, low-code, and highly flexible to avoid slow and costly projects, total costs, and efforts needed.

Use cases

Here are collectively the leading use cases solutioneered by Creanord.  SLA solutions enable you to set -offer- track network intent and experience-based SLAs and KPIs that go beyond traditional parameters like speed, latency, and availability.  Assurance solutions are designed to offer end-to-end situational awareness, performance visibility, and control needed to prevent and mitigate negative impacts, automate, and ever-optimise network performance in a closed-loop manner.

Cloud Connectivity Assurance

Differentiate your cloud offering with end-to-end cloud visibility and control

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5G Service

Satisfy the demand for visibility with scalable, high accuracy and AI-powered analytics and reporting

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Carrier SLA

Get an edge over the competition with accurate SLA reporting, customer portals and SDN- and NFV-ready service focused performance monitoring

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Network SLA

Exceed demanding expectations with versatile service monitoring and activation testing, accurate SLA reports, and customer portals

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Communications Assurance

Stay confident and in control of your network with SLA dashboards, advanced troubleshooting tools, and AI-powered monitoring and analytics

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Quote from our customer

"With large vendors product-related communication is complicated. With Creanord, if we have any issue, it takes typically two email exchanges where the second confirms the issue is fixed"

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