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PULSensor Virtual

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PULSensor Virtual

The ongoing transition from traditional hardware installations to the cloud has increased demand for software-based products, which can share a common, virtualized server platform and flexibly scale.

PULSensor Virtual are software-based performance measurement probes, which technically and economically fit various service provider use cases where virtualization is required. The PULSensor Virtual portfolio deploys the same, market-leading performance monitoring and SLA management technology as the PULSensor Appliance. It is fully managed by the PULScore service assurance platform, which provides clear visibility to all measurements and analytics both in real-time and as history reports.


With PULSensor Virtual at the core of your virtualization strategy, you can cost-efficiently and smoothly build the software-defined and closed-loop automated network of your future.



Precise microsecond level measurements and granular reporting


Broad measurement set

A broad set of measurement types including active and passive measurements and service activation tests


Hypervisor support

All major hypervisors supported, including OpenStack, KVM, VMware, and Microsoft Azure


Multiple variants

Multiple variants from small variants to highly scalable central probes for any application



Docker containerized probe for integration in uCPE, SD-WAN, and other white-box appliances


  • Accuracy
  • Broad measurement set
  • Hypervisor support
  • Multiple variants
  • Docker

The PULSensor Virtual Probes are compatible with OpenStack, KWM, VMware, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Docker platforms.

PULSensor specification comparison:
PULSensor Virtual 100 PULSensor Virtual 200 PULSensor Virtual 500 PULSensor Virtual 4000
Number of measurement sessions 50 100 500 15000
HW timestamping* No Yes Yes Yes
Active testing Yes Yes Yes Yes
eXtended SNMP polling Yes Yes Yes Yes
TrueTCP (RFC6349) testing No No 1G 100G
Y.1564 / RFC2544 No No 1G 10G
PULSensor SFP management No No Yes Yes
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"47% savings over 5 years in performance monitoring platform expenses only"

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