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Map view in PULScore solution


The network is your most important asset, but staying on top of performance can become quite a headache. As customers become more aware and demanding, they also become less forgiving. Service performance becomes vital in order to win and keep customers. PULScore enables unparalleled visibility to the service sold and provides the most scalable performance orchestration solution for almost any installed equipment.

PULScore provides service assurance, analytics calculations, troubleshooting tools, reporting, and versatile interfaces for multi-vendor networks. It is a modular management system bringing a wide range of built-in and optional performance assurance and SLA reporting functionalities.


Let the AI-powered tools and innovative features of PULScore dig deep into your network and take your service quality and customer satisfaction to new heights.


Full network visibility

Unified network view with clear, consistent and service-focused reporting and analytics


Proactive alerts

Proactive AI-powered alerting with drill-down troubleshooting and contextual graphing


SLA Management and reporting

Feature-rich SLA management with complex and customized SLAs, active SLA monitoring and real-time and monthly SLA reporting


Share service data

Customer portal for sharing SLA and service performance reporting in real-time and on a monthly basis


Flexible Integration

Integrate PULScore with the OSS stack and build closed-loop SDN automation using KAFKA or RESTful interfaces


  • Full network visibility
  • Proactive alerts
  • SLA management and reporting
  • Share service data
  • Flexible Integration

PULScore highlights

  • Real-time interactive performance & monthly service level reporting. A unified network view empowers you to manage, control, and evolve your network in an optimized and effective way. Assure quality, optimize investments, improve communication, and reduce silos. Clear, consistent, and service-focused analytics and reporting enable an aligned understanding of network performance.
  • Highly accurate microsecond level measurements and real-time reporting together with Creanord PULSensors scaling up to millions of monitored connections.
  • PULScore helps you get ready for software-driven networks and virtualization by providing flexibility, accuracy, and speed. The solution is ready to integrate using multiple different interfaces including REST and KAFKA
  • Proactive and AI-powered predictive alerting with worst circuits, drill-down, and contextual graphing.
  • Bandwidth and network element health reporting
  • Multi-vendor performance data collection from a broad range of network elements
  • Share service data either by Creanord Portal or through streaming data interfaces such as KAFKA. The Creanord Portal lets you considerably improve quality awareness, reduce churn, and improve user satisfaction by sharing a clear and up-to-date understanding of service performance. Account teams or marketing can benefit from reporting per customer or region. Customers love to see the performance of their service in real-time.
PULScore summary:
Carrier-Grade Scalable Network Performance Monitoring and SLA Management System
Runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Oracle Linux. Virtualization such as KVM, VMWare, XEN and Oracle VM are used for improved availability, flexibility and performance of your data center resources
Flexible and fast integration to OSS/BSS and SDN systems using RESTful APIs for events, KPIs and provisioning and/or KAFKA streaming data API
PULScore supports easy-to-use tools to speed up the integration process. Additionally quality threshold violations can be sent to the OSS/BSS or SDN systems in milliseconds to enable self-healing network capabilities.
Interactive Customer Portal for Performance & SLA reporting
Real-time and monthly service level target reporting
Birth Certificates and Provider Branded reporting
Event management with proactive SLA warning
Performance Dashboards, Drill-downs, Modular Add-Ons
Performance Orchestration, Map visualization
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