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PULSensor Appliance

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Nodes to measure key quality performance indicators on various network layers

PULSensor Appliance

From 2020 onwards, the age of the hyperconnected world will be super boosted by the implementations of 5G technology, private networks, IoT, industrial internet, edge computing, and cloud services. This new age is coming with the promise of disruptive business models and yet unforeseen applications to enable our digital lifestyles and enterprise services. While Connectivity Service Providers (CSPs) are preparing their investments for these upcoming opportunities, some challenges and fundamental technological and operational gaps have yet to be solved. With the arrival of some 50 billion interconnected devices, mobile digital lifestyle and enterprise digitalization comes with the need for speed, reliability, scale, and much lower latency. That makes the performance and quality of networks one of the most critical success factors.


Deploy the PULSensor Appliance with ease into any existing or new network to get full visibility into your network with an unprecedented set of measurement types and accuracy.


High accuracy

Optimized architecture  for ultimate performance with microsecond timestamping precision and granular reporting


Broad measurement set

A broad set of measurement types including active and passive measurements and service activation tests


Scalable portfolio

Multiple variants from Smart SFPs to highly scalable central probes for any application


Easy deployment

Easy to deploy, manage and use for maximum utility
and the lowest cost

Maximum interoperability

Portfolio interoperates with all major vendors with the Smart SFP complementing the interoperability


  • High accuracy
  • Broad measurement set
  • Scalable portfolio
  • Easy deployment
  • Maximum interoperability

Thus CSPs objective is to get the performance monitoring to a completely new level which enables them to be on top of their network and service status at all times, react on network issues in real-time.

PULSensors are measuring nodes that can be installed at strategic points in the network to measure key quality performance indicators on various network layers (lower physical layer, transport layer, application layer), such as bandwidth usage, packet loss, delay/latency and delay variation (jitter). Superior measurement accuracy and reporting granularity technology makes Creanord a safe, long-term choice for any service provider. Measurement accuracy combined with a broad set of standard-based measurements ranging from L2 and L3 to application-level complemented with Creanord specific NetPrecision gives the service provider comprehensive visibility of network quality and impact on customer services. Creanord’s long-term co-operation with Intel has been a key for achieving a distinguished performance and scale lead in both physical and virtual probes.

Creanord offers a complete portfolio of PULSensors which are available in different form-factors and variants. The larger PULSensors are typically used in centralized locations where scalability for more than 10 000 measurement circuits is needed. Smaller form-factors are typically used in the probe-to-probe measurements and access locations where cost-effectiveness is needed still without jeopardizing the measurement quality.
The available PULSensor Appliances are:

  • PULSensor 4000. Ultra-Performance Ethernet and IP network assurance probe for up to 15.000 measurement sessions
  • PULSensor 1000. Compact probe for up to 1000 measurement sessions (5000 with license upgrade)
  • PULSensor 500. Miniaturized Probe for up to 500 measurement sessions
  • PULSensor SFP 200. Smart SFP with centralized PULScore management
PULSensor specification comparison:
PULSensor 4000 PULSensor 1000 PULSensor SFP 200
Number of measurement sessions 15.000 1000 (5000 with license upgrade) Loopback-only
HW timestamping* Yes Yes HW loopback
Active testing Yes Yes HW loopback
eXtended SNMP polling Yes Yes No
TrueTCP (RFC6349) testing 10G 10G N/A
Y.1564 / RFC2544 10G 10G HW loopback
PULSensor SFP management Yes Yes N/A
PULSensor product images:
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"Deployment was really rapid. It took only a half-day to initially get the Creanord solution up and running in our network with 5000 base stations."

A mobile operator in Europe


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