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Enterprise Network SLA

Exceeding demanding expectations

Connectivity is critical for enterprises today as the business has transformed into the digital era. Companies need Internet connectivity to function, both in terms of keeping the operations going as well as presenting themselves externally. Interaction with customers online, moving critical business applications to the cloud and remote office connectivity all require that the enterprise is connected 24/7 to the Internet to stay relevant. Failure to meet these requirements may lead to doubt in how well the enterprise is able to serve its customers. PULSure solution offers Service Focused Performance and SLA Management that allows businesses to stay on top of their services with real-time service quality status and monitoring as well as flexible, multi-purpose reporting, and SLAs.

Performance and SLA reporting for Business Services

Today all enterprise customers require a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with their connectivity services because business continuity goes hand in hand with quality. Winning bids and keeping existing customers is key for service providers to differentiate from the competition.

Reporting on your terms

Monthly SLA compliance reports proving the delivered quality

Real-time status

Visualized status against service targets for each customer or all circuits in real-time, with drill-down to performance KPIs

Reliable data

Accurate active monitoring of service quality with latency and loss KPIs as well as perceived service quality (Mean Opinion Scores)

Customer portal

Customer Portal with real-time interactive reports as well as report repository, with built-in support for publishing and approval


Measurement interoperability with a large number of network elements from Cisco, Calix, Ciena, RAD, OneAccess and many more

  • Reporting on your terms
  • Real-time status
  • Reliable data
  • Customer portal
  • Compatibility

SLAs are typically done on a monthly basis Hence, simply measuring on five minute periods does not tell you anything about the contractual status. The status of each circuit needs to be calculated from the beginning of the month. PULSure has SLA reporting in its DNA, Service Level Agreements were built into the product from the very beginning – and this is where PULSure shines. Customers may see in real-time what the SLA status is in order to, for instance, verify that a problem is not due to the network. Service visibility is key in making sure that the business is available round the clock and thus, also in retaining existing and gaining new customers. For operations, the SLA information also helps to focus and bring clarity to priorities.

The PULSure Portal lets you automate real-time and periodic reporting to customers while keeping full control over the publishing process. Portal reporting helps you attract and retain demanding, high-value customers through service quality visualization and build customer intimacy through openness.

Service activation testing (SAT) based on Y.1564 verifies each newly configured site. Additionally, TrueTCP RFC6349 can be used to test up to 1 million simultaneous connections probe to probe. PULSure provides an attractive PDF report that can be provided to the customer at handover as a ‘birth certificate’ showing that the circuit has been tested and was confirmed to function as intended at the time of handover.

A business access network often contains network elements from multiple vendors. PULSure supports the key standard performance measurements and interoperability with all major equipment vendors has been verified. PULSure hides the complexity of the network and provides the relevant reports in a language the customer as well as management can understand. This enables a single performance data repository and a wide range of service reporting value adds.

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