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PULScore – Fantastic Features

With PULScore you can get truly in control of your network with powerful service  and network reporting, Data AI-powered analytics and closed loop automation. In the Fantastic Features we will be telling about different features you find in PULScore. Each “Fantastic Feature”  has a special demonstration video. Why to say too much, see everything for yourself!

Fantastic Features – Segmented View of Network Performance

When troubleshooting performance issues, having a view of the performance on a hop-by-hop basis can get you the extra mile to understand what your issues are and where in the network you have them.


Fantastic Features – Provisioning

As the number of core sites being monitored increases, the number of monitoring sessions skyrocket. More manually configured sessions means that the number of mistakes made when configuring the sessions increase as well. To do this properly, you need advanced provisioning tools that automate the process for you and minimize the mistakes.


Fantastic Features – RFC6349

The IETF specified RFC6349 is a methodology that helps the service provider to optimize their network for TCP traffic and hence maximize the performance of a broad set of applications. It defines how to test sustaining TCP performance on the network and measure how well multiple parallel TCP streams are performing with the current network configurations. The test can be performed for multiple service classes at once and thus a combination of voice, video, data and control traffic can be validated with the same test and for multiple simultaneous flows.


Fantastic Features – Y1564

For service providers it should be a standard to validate all their services prior to turning them on. This Service Activation Testing (SAT) is what we call ‘giving a birth certificate’ to the services.

The Y.1564 test is truly designed to validate today’s complex data services consisting of a mixture of traffic flows with very different quality and policing parameters. With Y.1564 you have the flexibility to validate services with multiple traffic types including voice, video, data and control data as one test or validate each service flow individually.



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