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PULSensor appliances (virtual and physical) are designed for active and affordable network-wide probing and performance tracking. Data they provide is used for active network assurance, proactive operations, and automation. They are managed with the cutting edge PULScore performance management system.


Get an edge with powerful network and service reporting, Data AI-powered analytics and closed loop automation

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PULSensor Appliance

Precision and power without compromise with a broad measurement set and easy deployment in the network

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PULSensor Virtual

Deterministic performance with easy to deploy virtual probes and broad measurement set and hypervisor support

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Passive or active? Yes, both please.

Value of active network performance tracking data increases as the level of automation and complexity increases. But there are strongholds for both.  Traditional passive performance tracking is useful for detecting large-scale issues that affect masses of customers through signaling data or statistical analysis of a specific part of the network.

Passive assurance and performance tracking are typically done “passively” in real-time for up-and-running and well-set networks. The intention is to monitor and keep constantly the performance within the acceptable and averaged pre-set parameters on the level.  AI/ML is used to analyse and correlate big data and provide insights for users serving customers and operating the networks.  Reactive, passive assurance and performance tracking suits perfectly networks and services that are rather homogeneous and targeted for standardised, mass services.

Active assurance and performance tracking are used to simulate and mimic the actual network experience. In today’s cloud-based, virtually limitless, and very agile networks proactive assurance and automation are the new normal. Active data is mandatory for that. Being very affordable (compared to passive) it suits better for network-wide deployments. One of the benefits is also the capability to actively track performance even when there is no live data available like in case of many critical communication networks and when designing, testing and simulating services before they are activated.

AI/ML is used for powering closed-loop automation and to be able to set, monitor, and track intent-based SLAs and QoE for individual customers with better confidence.

Which type of network performance tracking to choose? Active or passive?

Management system for tracking data across all networks, applications, and SLAs

All-in-one management

PULScore is a centralised management system and control tower for all performance and quality tracking data across all networks, applications, and SLAs.

The PULScore provides a set of dashboards, reports, and visibility tools for having full awareness of the situation. The accuracy and granularity of the active probes combined with the analytics and intelligence of the PULScore system will identify any issue in the network experience and performance and provide insights and suggestions into the actions needed to fix it.

With REST and Kafka interfaces that cover both live, analytics, and historical data as well as any provisioning action, the system integrates smoothly into the existing OSS stack and provides a foundation for SDN and closed-loop automation to fully automate network operations. With the customer portal, you can further differentiate by offering both live and periodic SLA reports to your customer to build the confidence that the network can deliver what the customer expects.

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Active probes that fit and scale to any networks

PULSensor probes are designed to fit into any type of network. With a portfolio of both physical and virtual versions, the probes can either be installed physically or run virtualized on any of the major hypervisor platforms. The probes scale up to thousands of test targets, ensuring that the installed footprint of probes can be kept small. The physical and virtual probes are feature concurrent, so you can mix and match as necessary. And with a large set of measurement types and interoperability with all major network vendors, installation of the PULSensor solution in your network is quick and effortless, regardless if it is a mobile, cloud, business, or critical communications network.

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Quote from our client

"Creanord’s solution gives us accurate statistics and visibility, helping us determine where we are nearing the limits about bandwidth availability. Our engineering team can now also target their time and efforts better, and act in a more proactive way"

A Scandinavian Mobile Operator


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