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5G Service Assurance

Satisfy the demand for visibility

Mobile networks are facing ever-increasing requirements for capacity, quality, and price. The move into 5G further accelerates this trend. Operators need to stay in control of the network by having a solution that provides end-to-end visibility into the network performance while minimizing hardware investments. The PULSure solution from Creanord provides powerful performance monitoring with comprehensible reporting on network, service, and customer levels to help the operator turn data to outperforming networks.

The 5G networks will introduce a new suite of applications in a number of different domains such as autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things (IoT), and remote surgery. In addition, the bandwidth offered by the network may grow up to 100 times compared to the currently deployed 4G networks for high bandwidth internet access and virtual reality.

PULSure puts you in control of your network

In order to build confidence in network quality, operators need a system that provides reliable visibility into network performance. This is a challenge for many mobile operators as most traditional performance monitoring systems fall behind in measurement accuracy, granularity, and scalability in large scale multi-vendor networks, but there is an answer to that.


Multiple testing types including two-way and one-way testing of packet loss, latency and jitter as well as Mean Opinion Score values for a detailed view of the 5G network performance


Multi-vendor transport network performance reporting with analytics to ensure full end-to-end visibility of the network

Service Availability

Instant view of network and service availability to minimize time-to-resolve

Service Availability

Instant view of network and service availability to minimize time-to-resolve


Predictive warnings and AI-powered analytics to ensure proactive troubleshooting

  • Testing
  • Reporting
  • Time-sampling
  • Service Availability
  • Troubleshooting

The PULSure solution offers a complete suite of different types of measurements to provide a detailed view of how the 5G network is performing. The benefit of the PULSure solution is that it can report mean opinion score values in addition to the more traditional packet loss, delay, and delay variation key performance indicators. The mean opinion score indicator provides a measure of the perceived quality of the service on a scale from one to five. The operator can set performance objectives on any of the measurements and the PULSure analytics engine ensures that the user is instantly informed if the network is not meeting the defined performance objectives.

For mobile networks, the most commonly used protocol is the Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP). Reflector functionality is nowadays widely supported in all the major telecom vendor equipment and therefore it is possible to measure the performance of the entire mobile backhaul network by deploying PULSensor probes at one or a few central locations and use the mobile base stations or cell site gateway routers to loop back the TWAMP messages. One PULSensor CN3000 probe can measure the performance against thousands of locations making the solution cost-effective and fast to deploy in any mobile network. The multi-vendor compatibility ensures that you are still getting a full view of your mobile network.

If some device in the network does not support TWAMP, or the device does not support accurate loopback responses, the PULSure Smart SFP can be used in the devices to provide the TWAMP reflector functionality as well as hardware-based responding for higher response accuracy.

In a dynamically changing mobile network with new base stations being added for better coverage and capacity, the Service Activation Testing (SAT) capabilities of the PULSure solution can prove to be invaluable. Before putting the base station into production, the PULSensor probe can generate traffic towards the base station according to predicted traffic patterns to ensure the network can carry the new traffic loads. Thus, any issues can be removed before there are actually any live users affected.

The 5G network introduces new ultra-reliable low-latency communication services with sub-millisecond latency requirements. The PULSensor probes can measure latency down to the microsecond level with test packets being sent out every millisecond to ensure a granular and accurate view of the 5G network performance for even the most critical services being carried on the network.

Customer Case Study

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