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Wholesale Carrier SLA

Get an edge over the competition

Wholesale transport networks are constantly evolving as demands for higher bandwidths, availability, performance, and quality are imposed on the networks. Wholesale transport providers must create a compelling service offering to stay relevant. Transparency is becoming one of the key differentiating factors as customers require visibility and proof that the services offered are meeting the promised service levels.

With the Creanord PULSure solution, wholesale transport service providers can stay on the pulse of their networks. The PULSure solution provides complete visibility into the performance of the network and innovative and advanced reporting tools and customer portals to provide confidence to the customers that the networks are delivering what has been promised.

Deliver the confidence and differentiate by offering

PULSure solution helps wholesale transport providers stay on the pulse of their networks, provide real-time status of the offered services to their customers as well as granular and accurate reports and advanced SLA reports.


Attractive monthly compliance reporting in a language the customer understands, with support for approval and delivery process


Predictive alerts to help prevent issues before they occur

Active monitoring

Accurate active monitoring of service quality down to the micro-second level with latency and loss KPIs as well as perceived service quality (Mean Opinion Scores)

Measurement suite

A full suite of measurement tools and type to cover any access and/or core wholesale transport scenario with interoperability with a large number of network elements from Cisco, Calix, Ciena, RAD, OneAccess and many more SDN and NFV-ready for next-generation wholesale transport networks

  • Reporting
  • Customer Portal
  • Active monitoring
  • Measurement suite

Wholesale customers need to have the confidence that the service they have purchased is working as expected with high requirements on measurement granularity and accuracy. With the PULSure solution, the measured service quality is offered at a granularity and accuracy that meets customer expectations. The performance data may further be refined with advanced analytics and offered to the customer through a portal in real-time with combined real-time status and monthly compliance reporting to further exceed the expectations of the wholesale customer. The automated compliance reporting offers both monthly reports as well as the real-time compliance of the services being offered in a language that the customer understands. The PULSure solution has everything at the wholesale provider needs to prove the quality of the service provided enabling him to build customer confidence, retain existing customers, and win new.

In addition to proving the quality of the services, wholesale providers need to keep their networks healthy and ensure that the network is capable of offering the quality required. The PULSure solution contains a full suite of tools to make sure the wholesale provider has full visibility into the network and stays on the pulse of the network. The service-focused reporting raises the visibility into the service at the granularity and accuracy required and further provides predictive alerts to help the operator fix issues before they affect the performance of the services. Intuitive and innovative drill-down capabilities will help the provider to quickly locate and fix the issues and the real-time service SLA status helps him react and prioritize issues depending on the SLAs offered. Service activation testing and reporting (Y.1564 and RFC 2544) help the provider to verify that new services actually will meet the required service levels before the new services are put in production. Powerful and efficient SLA management with templates and automatic portal reporting lowers the threshold to introduce more front-line services with new SLA attributes and helps the provider to differentiate from the competition.

PULSure empowers top-line focused wholesale providers to succeed with cutting-edge reporting, advanced analytics, and state-of-the-art measurements. Delight your customers with a True SLA Network Experience.

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