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Critical communications assurance

Full visibility and control over networks’ performance

Critical communication networks are high availability, high-quality networks that need to stay operational around the clock. Service providers and government operators need a solution that offers them full visibility and control of the performance of the networks in order to meet the tough mission and business-critical requirements of these solutions.

The PULSure solution offers performance monitoring with advanced and innovative reporting tools to ensure that the operator has full visibility into the performance of his network with the granularity and accuracy required from these highly demanding services. Proactive and AI-powered predictive alerting helps him react to issues in the network before they affect the critical services carried on the network. PULSure provides the confidence and control required to deliver high-quality critical communication services.

High requirements for critical communication networks

Focus on networks, delivering the data needed for mission-critical jobs, has shifted from ensuring reliable voice communication to carrying various data and video services with different quality demands. Critical communication users need access to data from various sources, voice services, real-time video, and data from a huge number of IoT sensors to stay in control and help them save lives in emergencies, keep vital utility networks operational and maintain public safety.

A real-time view

SLA dashboard to provide a real-time view into the status of the network
Advanced troubleshooting tools to help the operator find and correct issues in real-time

Predictive alerts

Predictive, AI-powered alerts to identify anomalies in the network and fix them before they affect the services

Active monitoring

Accurate active monitoring of any type of service down to the microsecond level with latency and loss KPIs as well as perceived service quality (Mean Opinion Scores) to measure any type of service regardless of whether the service is a low-latency data service or real-time video service

5G – compatible

Fully interoperable with 5G networks as critical communication networks move to this new technology

SDN and NFV – ready

SDN and NFV-ready for next-generation critical communication transport networks

  • A real-time view
  • Predictive alerts
  • Active monitoring
  • 5G - compatible
  • SDN and NFV - ready

The PULSure solution offers the operator full control and visibility of the network and the services carried on the network with a comprehensive set of continuous monitoring and reporting tools combined with analytics and artificial intelligence. The microsecond accuracy of the measurements allows the operator to identify issues in the infrastructure for any type of real-time, delay-sensitive service, and correct them before they are affecting the provided services. Real-time notifications of performance degradations ensure the user is reacting to issues in real-time and the Carrier-Grade performance and reporting capabilities make sure that the issues are resolved swiftly and with minimum effort. With the intuitive and innovative SLA dashboard, the operator gets an overall status of the network based on any configurable criteria, such as service type, geography, or customer.

The PULSure analytics engine will further refine the data into predictive analytics that helps the user to detect anomalies in the data patterns and react to potential future issues before they actually materialize. He can further use the Service Activation Testing tools to verify the performance of new connections on both layer 2 and layer 3 prior to taking them into use to make sure that the network is ready to carry the new services with the quality needed. In an IoT scenario with a massive number of connections, he can further use the TrueTCP test (RFC 6349) to verify that the network is IoT-ready prior to deploying new IoT-based services.

The feature-rich integration capabilities allow the critical communications provider to integrate the PULSure solution with all the other mission-critical tools and the SDN-style interfaces offered makes it possible to fully automate the business processes and further build closed-loop automation to maximize the performance of the network.


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