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Vision and mission

We envision the future of worry-free and ubiquitous connectivity powered by high-performing and intelligent networks.

Driven to build technologies and solutions that actively and accurately track network performance and turn data into outperforming networks. With us, customers can assure meeting the visible and invisible SLAs and expectations of tomorrow.

Why we are here?

We believe in augmenting (not replacing) human experience and knowledge with data, intelligence, and automation. We also see the massive increase in 5Vs of network generated performance data (volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value). With us customers are better prepared and able to become data-driven in their network operations and decisions. With the right use of data, technology, people, and ambitions we can face and solve these hard challenges.

Unfortunately,  like already in 2000, when we look at the available technologies and solutions, we see approaches and products that are too rigid to handle the most novel and uprising problems. We see failing solutions that force network service operators still settle for “me too” business decisions and manual, complicated, and reactive network operations that are too slow and costly.

We see these customers limiting their network performance data only to system-level or passive monitoring and performance data failing against more ambitious, AI/data-driven and innovative adversaries using active, intent, and experience-centric- data to improve their network performance, set new SLAs and QoS promises and keep them.

Like in the early days we still see a need for a different kind of technology, and we know it would take a different kind of company to build it.

That’s why we are here. 

Practitioners (not academics) with high integrity

Our customers operate networks and have a deep understanding of the problems they face, whereas we have proven products, deep domain knowledge, and the right practitioner’s mindset. Together we can make wonders happen.

We send our people and partners into the field to work directly with customers—deploying products, integrating data, optimising workflows, and supporting users to gain instant value in weeks, not years.

Our culture is built on shared beliefs and values 

  • Technology improvement is an incremental game, not exponential.
  • You can invent alone but never innovate. So let’s we-nnovate.
  • Don’t say it if you don’t do it.
  • Every customer has uniqueness but a lot more sameness. We price accordingly.
  • Do not waste anyone’s money, time, or effort.

Bragging rights

20+ years customers around the world have been using Creanord to do their most important work – Keep network performance consistently ahead of the competition, exceed customer expectations, and meet SLAs as promised.

Largest network

World-wide capacity

Different countries


The past

Back in 2000, our pragmatic and visionary founders realized how businesses, people, and the whole society were becoming increasingly dependent on the networked and mobile world. On that notion, they set themselves on a crusade to help this networked world to stay constantly fit, functional, and relevant.

  • Company founded 2000
  • First PULScore version 2006
  • First customer installation in 2007

The present

Working together with multiple equipment vendors, Creanord expanded its business globally. In 2013 we realized how superior our technology was and different in many regards. It was time to start to build operational and technological independence.  Creanord as we know it was born.

  • First PULSensor released 2013
  • PULSensor Virtual for NFV released 2015
  • REST/SDN-ready in 2015
  • Optimized NetPrecision released 2017
  • KAFKA integration released 2019

The future

We have come a long way, through all evolutionary generations of network technology till today and look optimistically to the future. The future of network performance monitoring, measurement, and QoS is driven more and more by artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, automation, and massive scalability. We are needed more than ever.

  • User experience monitoring
  • New practical AI capabilities
  • Massive IoT scalability
  • Innovative 5G performance monitoring

5 V’s which set us apart

5 V’s of big data


Internet of Things is no longer a vision but a fast forward moving reality, which explodes the number of connected devices and connections to tens of billions. At the same time appetite for collecting insights from these to intelligent actions and automation is unlimited. This huge amount of devices, connections, and data is a big ask for network scalability and control. That is why we provide: Unified performance and SLA measurement technology;  Advanced integration options; Business-friendly solutions

5 V’s of big data


5G is about very high-speed broadband services, but that’s only a footnote. The breadth of new applications and use cases, each expecting a specific mix of availability, speed, delay, and jitter is huge and excitement around these new possibilities is tangible. On top of the wide set of use cases, deployments move from ground to cloud makes deployments very intangible. Are you ready to prove your network is ready for this?

5 V’s of big data


With a critical service, you cannot be on a wait and see mode. Nor can you make customers wait when you fix your problem. Automation is a welcomed recipe for instant actions without user intervention, but it requires real-time data to operate correctly. Increased service speeds, service vulnerability, and SDN/NFV technology create push towards closed-loop operations. Get your: Rapid deployment with point-and-click provisioning tools; Instant view of network and service availability to minimize time-to-resolve; Real-time measurement data available for SDN/NFV applications using automation; Automated SLA reporting complemented with the built-in approval process

5 V’s of big data


Chasing profitability is about maximizing the gap between revenue and cost. Customer satisfaction is based on trust and confidence – these are things which customer is also willing to pay for. Proactivity and automation are factors optimizing the costs instead. Do you have a system in place, which helps you to achieve these and at a cost that does not let you down?

While every system has a cost involved…. And this cost gets sometimes out of hands.

5 V’s of big data


As a service provider you want to be on top of your network, see lurking risks for customer services, and stay away from surprises. Many 5G applications mandate ultra-low latency, which is impossible to measure and verify with traditional performance management tools. To remain relevant in 5G era service providers must set the bar higher and gain precise, microsecond level visibility across their network.

  • Volume
  • Variety
  • Velocity
  • Value
  • Veracity


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