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Cloud Connectivity Assurance

Differentiate cloud offering with end-to-end cloud visibility

As services move to the cloud, the requirement for connectivity becomes increasingly relevant to all critical business processes. Because a cloud solution is only as good as the network services that are supporting it, visibility into cloud performance, including the various segments becomes vital. PULSure solution not only enables visibility, but it also helps you to go beyond customer expectations with new high-value services and ensure there are no blind spots in your cloud.

Cloud service providers are facing fierce competition. In order to succeed, cloud providers need to differentiate from the competition to win market share and keep their current customers. Reliable connectivity is the key.

The PULSure solution from Creanord provides both virtual and physical probes to enable the cloud service providers to provide their end customers with an end-to-end view of the performance of the cloud services from the customer site all the way to the data center running the services.

Applications for monitoring

The PULSure solution from Creanord provides a combination of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) virtual probes for virtualized environments and hardware-based PULSensor probes that can be placed anywhere in the network to provide full visibility into the performance of the network.

End-to-end Full Cloud Monitoring

From virtualization platform (shared or private) to end customer site

Cloud Access

From Data Center Edge to the customer site

Cloud Production monitoring

For private or shared clouds. From Customer Virtualization platform to data center edge

Cloud Edge

Critical infrastructure at the edge of the cloud, for instance, monitoring or troubleshooting at enterprise customer site or monitoring between enterprise sites

Private Clouds

Monitoring latency-critical connections between top-of-rack (ToR) switches in a single DC or between DCs


DCI monitoring – Interconnection monitoring between data centers

  • End-to-end Full Cloud Monitoring
  • Cloud Access
  • Cloud Production monitoring
  • Cloud Edge
  • Private Clouds
  • DCI

The Creanord solution gives you full control over all the physical and virtual domains supporting the cloud service. With the Service Activation Testing tools, you can use RFC 2544-based or Y.1564-based performance testing capabilities to verify the connections both on layer 2 and layer 3 prior to taking them into use. The TrueTCP test (RFC 6349) can be used to verify how the cloud infrastructure handles huge numbers of TCP connections.

The PULSure solution also offers a comprehensive set of continuous monitoring tools to monitor the performance of the network. The microsecond accuracy offered by the measurements allows the cloud provider to identify issues in the infrastructure before they are affecting the provided services. Real-time notifications of performance degradations ensure the cloud provider is reacting to issues in real-time and the Carrier-Grade performance and reporting capabilities make sure that the issues are resolved swiftly and with minimum effort. The feature-rich integration capabilities allow the cloud provider to integrate the PULSure solution with all the other business-critical tools and the SDN-style interfaces offered makes it possible to fully automate the business processes and further build closed-loop automation to maximize the performance of the network.

Customer Case Study

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