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Fantastic Features – Segmented View of Network Performance

When troubleshooting performance issues, having a view of the performance on a hop-by-hop basis can get you the extra mile to understand what your issues are and where in the network you have them.  But installing probes at every site in the network to monitor your network performance is typically not an option due to cost and complexity. What you need is a solution that can estimate hop-by-hop performance from measurements originating from one, or a few, centrally located measurement probes.

Creanord PULSure™ offers capabilities to estimate hop-by-hop performance by analyzing adjacent TWAMP measurements. With a centrally located probe, you can determine hop-by-hop performance for the paths you want to analyze. There is a special mode for mobile networks to analyze X2 interface performance as well, i.e. to determine performance between two basestations in the network. Check out this video to see how Creanord helps you get a deeper view into the performance of your network, without the need to install probes at all locations in the network.

Watch the video:


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