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August 29, 2022
2 minutes

Creanord Launches Container-Based Probe for Flexible and Efficient Service Assurance in the Cloud

Cloud-native capabilities enable service providers to efficiently and cost-effectively ensure service quality in order to meet high user expectations with business-critical cloud applications.

The container-based probe will be launched during Q1/2022 to complement the PULSure portfolio of physical appliances and virtual probes for private and public cloud applications. By introducing also cloud-native capabilities into the portfolio, the PULSure solution will offer a complete and flexible platform for monitoring and ensuring service quality for any type of cloud application. Cloud is at the core of the strategy for many of the communication providers across the globe today in order to stay competitive. Cloud adoption further increases the complexity of troubleshooting; a majority of the network issues originate from the virtualized cloud infrastructure. Service providers thus need tools that offer complete visibility of how the service is performing across both physical devices as well as virtual functions for rapid root-cause analysis and fault resolution.

The PULSure solution allows service providers to track network performance and measure user experience through a comprehensive set of measurement types for the entire service lifecycle complemented with advanced analytics, reporting, machine learning and artificial intelligence. With PULSure, the communication service providers can assure that they are delivering their services as promised 24/7.

Creanord is a specialist in service assurance with more than 20 years of experience in developing solutions for network service providers and cloud providers. Creanord’s service assurance solutions enable accurate tracking of network and application quality and performance. The technology has been implemented in over 30 countries and more than 60 networks globally. Contact us to find out more on how we can help you to build outperforming networks.