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February 15, 2024
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Creanord Releases High Capacity TWAMP Measurement Capability

Creanord Releases High Capacity TWAMP Measurement Capability
Creanord announced today that it is releasing a high capacity TWAMP measurement capability scaling up to 20 times compared to currently available solutions in the market.


“I am very excited about our new Mega TWAMP capability as it provides visibility into microbursts in mobile transport networks and it allows providers to build outperforming networks minimizing churn.”

— Claus Still, CEO at Creanord


The feature allows service providers to radically increase TWAMP packet-per-second (PPS) measurement frequency in order to, for instance, detect the effects of microbursts that are typically present in modern video-intensive data networks. The solution is available today for proof-of-concept testing and is expected to be commercially available during the first half of this year.

Most of the data in modern data networks is video. Globally more than 70% of the data is video and locally it can be as high as 95% to 97% due to video streaming services. The video traffic is very bursty in nature, which causes quality degradations for real-time services like voice communication, video conferencing or gaming. Service providers need tools to measure the network experience and find where the networks are congested. The new high capacity TWAMP mode (called Mega TWAMP) scales to granularities required in current and future high-speed 5G networks in order to find the true performance of today’s bursty, high-speed networks. With end-to-end visibility into the performance of the network, service providers can direct investments into parts of the network where it matters the most.

“I am very excited about our new Mega TWAMP capability as it provides visibility into effects  of microbursts in high-speed data networks and allows the service providers to build outperforming networks that protect them from churn. Bad network experience and quality is the single most important contribution to churn, 40% of users switch provider due to network related issues and it is something that should be on the top of every service provider’s mind,” says Claus Still, CEO at Creanord.

The Mega TWAMP feature is available as a firmware upgrade to the modern PULSensor 4000 Advanced Probe from Creanord. The new mode allows the service provider to monitor a large number of probes and service classes. As an example, you could monitor 2500 sites with 8 service classes at 100 PPS with a single probe, scalability that meets the requirements of current 5G networks and is future-proof for upcoming 6G network deployments.

“The Mega TWAMP feature provides a huge increase in PPS scalability and the capability to monitor a very large, high-speed 100G networks with state-of-the-art technology inside. The platform can also be used for high precision latency measurements in the future for instance in fronthaul use cases where microsecond-level precision is required“ says Antti Paju, Fellow at Creanord.

The new mode is part of the Creanord PULSure solution, which allows service providers to track network performance and measure user experience through a comprehensive set of measurement types for the entire service lifecycle complemented with advanced analytics, reporting, machine learning and artificial intelligence. With PULSure the communication service providers can assure that they are delivering their services as promised 24/7.


About Creanord

Creanord is a specialist in network performance and quality assurance with more than 20 years of experience in developing solutions for mobile operators, managed service and wholesale providers as well as critical communication providers. Creanord’s PULSure solution enables accurate tracking of network and application performance. Creanord’s technology has been implemented in over 30 countries and more than 60 networks globally.



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