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December 19, 2023
2 minutes

New era for the company – Creanord welcomes new CEO in 2024

Claus Still and Jorma HamalainenCreanord announced today that Claus Still has been appointed as the new CEO of Creanord, effective January 1, 2024. Claus has 30 years of experience in various positions in the telecom industry and holds a doctoral degree in Industrial Systems Engineering. Former CEO and Co-Founder Jorma Hämäläinen will continue part-time in the company supporting a smooth transition and providing his sales and financial expertise to the company.


“We are excited to welcome Claus as the new CEO of Creanord. Claus has an extensive experience in the telecom market and is already familiar with our company and customers,” says Jorma Hämäläinen, CEO of Creanord. “I look forward to seeing Claus lead the company on a smooth growth path and to further strengthen Creanord’s position as a leader in the market.”


Creanord is a specialist in network performance and quality assurance with more than 20 years of experience in developing solutions for mobile operators, managed service and wholesale providers as well as critical communication providers. Appointing Claus Still as the CEO reaffirms Creanord’s commitment to help communication service providers (CSPs) stay on the pulse of their networks and to build outperforming networks.


“I am excited to continue my journey at Creanord as the CEO,” says Claus. “Creanord’s PULSure solution is deployed in more than 30 countries globally and the company has a very strong team of experts with deep knowledge in performance management and service level assurance.  I am amazed and proud about the innovations the team has brought to the market so far and look forward to finding out what artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies can do to help CSPs build networks that make our societies smarter, businesses more competitive and our lives safer.”