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March 17, 2020
2 minutes

Mobile transport customer case


Here we look at one of the world’s most advanced service providers with a 5G network in commercial use and a large customer base of 140+ million customers globally. In addition to mobile services, they also deliver business and wholesale transport services complemented with cloud services.

The explosion of data services and continuous traffic growth in transport networks started to concern the operator, who wanted to ensure that their promise of great customer experience remains a competitive benefit. The customer’s perception was that their visibility to network performance and quality, which directly impacts all services, should be better than what they were achieving at that time.

After evaluating the Creanord solution, the customer was very impressed with the features and functionalities and convinced that the solution would fill the gap they had before in the network quality assessment. In addition to the accuracy, scalability, and cost-efficiency of the solution, the key was also the flexibility to integrate it with the OSS ecosystem. The Creanord solution has, for instance, been integrated with their fault and provisioning systems, performance, and diagnostic systems as well as their big data solutions.

The solution fit to customer needs

  • Accurate and reliable to unveil emerging issues in the network
  • Scalable for future growth
  • Great economical fit
  • Flexible integrations to existing tools and processes