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April 25, 2024
3 minutes

PULScore customer experience feedback program 2024

Join PULScore customer experience feedback program 2024

Here at Creanord we think about our customers every day and build solutions with customer’s needs and problems in mind. For over 20 years we have been innovating and trying to deliver the best solutions for network performance monitoring which are scalable, easy to deploy, cost-efficient, and user-friendly. With our solutions, we want to make the lives of our customers better and within a span of a year, we have released quite a few major capabilities and measurement types to do just that. However, working with our own systems and tools every day we understand that it’s easy for us to get used to UI and functionality, so in order to keep developing and improving we need your help!

If you are new to PULScore – A centralized network management system or have been using it for a long time we would love to hear your thoughts! All feedback we receive is really important to us and we truly value open and honest opinions. Depending on your experience with PULScore your feedback can be focused on various aspects but if you don’t know where to start here are some ideas about areas you can include in your review:

  • How is your experience with PULScore so far?
  • What do you like about the platform the most?
  • What are your challenges with the system?
  • What is the one thing you would change?
  • What features you would like to have?
  • Do you have sufficient information on how to use PULScore?
  • Do you get good support when needed?
  • Any other ideas or feedback?

PULScore pros named by customers

How to leave a review

To leave your review on PULScore network management system go to Capterra Business Software Reviews site (  If you are unfamiliar with Capterra, it allows anyone to compare solutions side-by-side and leave truthful and honest feedback to solution providers. Leaving a review through Capterra only takes a couple of minutes of your time and is very simple. The first 20 reviewers will get a free 20 EUR voucher.




Some of the pros listed by our customers in Capterra

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These are more than just words. Here is what our customers previously said about PULScore:



PII (Personal Identifiable Information)

Want to leave a review but your personal information is a concern?  It is understandable if you do not want your name or other personal information to be shown especially if you work in critical communications. That is why there is an option to leave anonymous reviews in Capterra. To do so please check this 2-step guide on how to leave an anonymous review in Capterra. Non-anonymous reviews are also always welcome!


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