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Setting up service monitoring can be challenging when specialized tools to automate the process are missing. Manually configuring the monitored connections can be challenging, especially when monitoring the core network where you typically want to set up a full-mesh topology of measurements. As the number of core sites being monitored increases, the number of monitoring sessions skyrocket. More manually configured sessions means that the number of mistakes made when configuring the sessions increase as well. To do this properly, you need advanced provisioning tools that automate the process for you and minimize the mistakes.

Creanord PULSure™ has been designed to let you setup the monitoring sessions automatically and in an intuitive way. With the tools in the PULSure solution, you can provision mesh, ring and hub-and-spoke topologies automatically and the tool will ensure that all monitored connections are setup correctly. You get a visual topology of monitoring sessions to ensure everything is correctly configured and the tool will allow you to modify parameters, add service classes and extend the monitoring mesh with just a few clicks.

Please check out this video to see how Creanord can help you setup and modify your monitoring sessions efficiently and automatically.

Watch the video:


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