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Fantastic Features – PULScore SLA Dashboard

PULScore SLA Dashboard


Due to evolving networks and the increased complexity of the networks caused by the introduction of virtualization, cloud computing, 5G distributed architectures and the like, the outages in the networks are increasing. And issues are immensely more difficult to troubleshoot due to the nature of packet networks. Heavy Reading estimates that 98% of the issues in the network are invisible to the operator.

The Creanord PULSure™ solution provides you visibility into your network by actively monitoring your services to provide both traditional network quality indicators such as delay, jitter and loss as well as monitoring the user’s experience of the service by looking at application layer performance. The vast amount of data is intelligently summarized in the SLA dashboard to show you in a glance how your network is doing and if there are issues, you can quickly and efficiently drill-down to troubleshoot and fix your issues before they affect the end user experience. Check out this video to see how Creanord helps you take control of your network and provide efficient tools to turn active data into outperforming networks.

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