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Fantastic Features – Y1564


For service providers it should be a standard to validate all their services prior to turning them on. This Service Activation Testing (SAT) is what we call ‘giving a birth certificate’ to the services. Service Activation Testing should not limit only to services delivered under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the service provider and and-customer but also to any provisioned connection, which should meet certain bandwidth and performance targets. All this is to give a full confidence to the service provider that the services they are accountable for run smoothly and meet their expectations from day one and end-customers are satisfied. Failing at the starting line is a difficult position to recover. Additionally,  service provider risks are minimized in potential fight against configuration errors.


The ITU-T specified Y.1564 test could be considered an enhanced version of the old RFC2544, which required manual configuration and testing for each service stream separately.  While RFC2544 still has its use cases the Y.1564 test is truly designed to validate today’s complex data services consisting of a mixture of traffic flows with very different quality and policing parameters. With Y.1564 you have the flexibility to validate services with multiple traffic types including voice, video, data and control data as one test or validate each service flow individually.

Test is run against the service acceptance parameters and as a result the service provider is provided with a report with simple pass and fail information as well as detailed results from the individual tests to possibly point out concerns for troubleshooting. By deploying centralized test heads you can minimize investment costs as only very simple loopback functionality needs to be present in the customer equipment in order to run the test. Moreover, once you are able to test on both layer 2 and layer 3, you can basically cover all services in your portfolio. This comprehensiveness in terms of efficiency and configuration possibilities makes the Y.1564 test very well applicable for a generic service turn-up validation purpose.

Creanord PULSure™ is designed for centralized service testing across the whole service lifecycle. Y.1564 test is a key component of the Service Acceptance Tests (SAT) and to be used prior to service turn-up for both L2 and L3 services. There is no need for separate toolset and systems for Y.1564. See how Creanord makes this testing easy to conduct and optimal for service providers from the centralized management and monitoring tool, PULScore – and how it scales even for large deployments.


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