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May 23, 2023
3 minutes

Creanord Releases Compact Probe for Advanced Network Performance and User Experience Monitoring

Creanord Releases Compact Probe for Advanced Network Performance and User Experience Monitoring - PULSensor 1000

Creanord announced today that it has released the PULSensor 1000, a cost-efficient probe for 5G, IP core and critical communications network performance and user experience monitoring. The compact probe comes packed with state-of-the-art active monitoring features including TWAMP, Y.1564-based service activation and a full suite of user experience monitoring. The PULSensor 1000 is available today with deliveries starting in the second half of 2023.


“PULSensor 1000 complements our active monitoring portfolio and allows the customer to cost-efficiently deploy our solution without compromising on the monitoring capabilities.”

— Jorma Hämäläinen, CEO of Creanord

Communication service providers need tools to ensure a good user experience and 24/7-availability of their complex data networks. With active monitoring they can ensure that they get visibility into their networks, reduce the time to repair time in case of outages and proactively identify and fix network quality issues and bottlenecks before they affect the end user. The PULSensor 1000 is a compact, desktop-sized probe that complements the Creanord portfolio of physical and virtual probes with a cost-efficient version that still includes all the monitoring capabilities of the flagship product, the PULSensor 4000.

“We are thrilled to introduce the PULSensor 1000 to the market. It complements our active monitoring portfolio and allows the communication service provider to cost-efficiently deploy our solution in locations with limited scalability requirements without compromising on the monitoring capabilities.” says Jorma Hämäläinen, CEO at Creanord.

Creanord’s PULSure solution consists of a portfolio of powerful physical and virtual probes for tracking network performance and measuring user experience using a comprehensive set of measurement types for the entire service lifecycle, and is complemented with advanced analytics, reporting, SLAs, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

“The Critical Communications World 2023 conference starts today in Helsinki. It is great to introduce our new PULSensor 1000 probe and PULSure solution at the conference. Critical communication providers need our solution for a safe and successful introduction of mission critical broadband services. These services are typically built in co-operation with mobile network operators that share the radio access network and therefore you need visibility into your entire network including the radio access network in order to have the confidence that the network delivers according to the requirements. The PULSensor 1000 strengthens our offering for multiple use cases including critical communications, 5G and IP core monitoring.” says Claus Still, CTO at Creanord.

About Creanord

Creanord is a specialist in network performance and quality assurance with more than 20 years of experience in developing solutions for mobile operators, managed service and wholesale providers as well as critical communication providers. Creanord’s PULSure solution enables accurate tracking of network and application performance. Creanord’s technology has been implemented in over 30 countries and more than 60 networks globally.


Claus Still - Senior System Engineer at Creanord

Claus Still
Creanord Ltd


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