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August 29, 2022
3 minutes

New Ground-breaking Available Bandwidth Measurement for Proactive End-to-End Performance Management Demonstrated

Special announcement: We will  demonstrate a new and novel available bandwidth measurement (ABM) toolkit at Critical Communications World in Vienna June 21-23, 2022


“We are extremely excited to add the ABM toolkit to our portfolio. Creanord continues to bring innovative features available that help service providers stay on the pulse of their networks. It complements our portfolio of effective end-to-end network performance management and service assurance tools and enables service providers move from a reactive to proactive mode” – Claus Still, CTO at Creanord.


The Available Bandwidth Measurement (ABM) toolkit is designed to provide the free bandwidth measurement result in the network end-to-end along the path between two locations. Knowledge of how much bandwidth is available end-to-end is crucial for service providers to manage their network proactively, meaning that bottlenecks in the network can be solved before any effect to the end users. With ABM feature the service provider can see how many scenarios the network is capable of handling during sudden increases in traffic demands, such as in emergency situations, when there is a dramatic increase in mission critical voice, video and/or data demands. However, the understanding of potential bottlenecks in advance is not limited to critical communications and generally is useful for any service providers who want to manage their networks efficiently without compromising on user experience.

To make sure the user experience remains exceptional while testing,  the measurement must be unintrusive, meaning that one can run the measurement in a live network without affecting the existing services in the network. Due to unintrusive nature of the feature the available bandwidth can be measured continuously with all thresholds and analytics applied to warn the operator before the capacity in the network runs out.  ABM sends out small bursts of packets and applies advanced algorithms to analyze the dispersion of inter-packet arrival times at the receiving end in order to measure the free bandwidth in the network end-to-end between the sender and receiver.


“We were very positively surprised already about the early testing data when evaluating our algorithm in labs and live networks the first times, and today, even up to 99% accuracy can be achieved in reported available bandwidth. For an unintrusive available bandwidth measurement it is simply a stunning result. We are next looking to start our first customer trials during Q3 this year“, – Miika Mattila, Director of Sales Engineering.



The Available Bandwidth Measurement is part of the Creanord PULSure solution, which allows service providers to track network performance and measure user experience through a comprehensive set of measurement types for the entire service lifecycle complemented with advanced analytics, reporting, machine learning and artificial intelligence. With PULSure the communication service providers can be sure that they are delivering their services as promised 24/7.


The available bandwidth measurement will be commercially available in Q3/2022. For more 
information on this feature, please contact us here.


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