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August 29, 2022
4 minutes

Re-Thinking Mobile Network Performance Monitoring Investment

Episode #4
Pulse of networks webinar / [Case Study]


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What and for whom?Re-Thinking Mobile Network Performance Monitoring Investment


In this webinar, we will focus on Tier-1 service provider case study from the Americas. This service provider is operating through self-built and leased networks and supplies services for consumer and business customers.

In the customer case, we will dive into their network performance monitoring requirements and showcase how we solved their challenges with active and passive network assurance solutions.

In the first discussions with the customer, it is evident that they go further than competitors on their network monitoring solution. They needed to collect all of the available information to create and deliver a perfect customer experience for their end customers. Their customer experience strategy and execution required a lot of information to be a step ahead of their customers.

Based on the recent surge in the variety  applications, services, diverse  set of devices and protocols, Service Providers have to contend with several challenging objectives. Key requirement is to  include Network Performance Monitoring  and Assurance to delivery and maintain the committed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) while keeping track of the network utilization, operational efficiency and quality of experience towards the end user customers.   Solution providers in this landscape tend to follow less effective and siloed approaches rather than enriched visibility solutions encompassing coupled active and passive monitoring. The unified approach  paves the way and  meet the above critical requirements to contribute to the overall network  operations and management life cycle (network/system operations and business operations).

Together with our partner Illuminate Technologies we delivered an integrated solution where the customer can have the best qualities from both active and passive network assurance in one view. The requirement was to consolidate all of the available data from both solutions into one unified platform.


We’ll get deep into the customer case through their challenges and the requirements they had at the beginning of the project. We open the solution we offered to them to solve their network performance monitoring challenges. We will also showcase how the active and passive network assurance solutions are connected to build one unified platform for the customer. And last but not least, we will run the whole solution set in a 10-minute demo to explain how the entire solution works in the customer environment.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  1.  You will see what type of customer requirements there are for an active and passive network assurance
  2.  You will learn how a service provider who is not fully running all of their end customer connections through their networks can utilize network performance monitoring
  3. You will see how active and passive network assurance solutions can complement each other and fill the data gaps

Complimentary giveaways for attendees:


We will give a comprehensive (RFP) requirement document for evaluating 
an active network assurance solution. This document covers all of the required 
features and a list of use cases that an active network assurance solution needs 
to cover.

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Presentation, demo, and Q&A with:

Jari Augustin- CEO at Creanord         Jari Augustin CEO at Creanord




Venkat Iyer Expert at Illuminate Technologies


About Creanord

Creanord designs and delivers network performance quality solutions that build better confidence and readiness for communications service providers to create and sell services with service level agreements (SLAs). Our aim is to satisfy customers who have zero tolerance for poor network performance quality and assure that our customers are delivering what they have promised 24/7.


Creanord PULSure is a design framework used for solutioneering a network performance and experience-tracking solution to customer-specific needs and requirements at a fraction of the cost, time, and effort of conventional systems.




Some of the benefits of working with Creanord include the shortest time-to-value, improved ROI, and easy customization. The PULSure solution enables you to set, offer, and track network experience-based SLAs and key performance indicators (KPIs) that go beyond traditional parameters, such as speed,

 latency, and availability. This is also designed to offer the end-to-end situational awareness, performance visibility and control needed to prevent negative impacts, automate, and continuously optimize network performance.




The PULSure solution offers performance monitoring with advanced and innovative reporting tools to ensure that operators have full visibility into the performance of their networks with the granularity and accuracy required from these highly demanding services.




Creanord is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Since 2000, Creanord has served customers globally, operating the most demanding networks and connectivity applications.

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