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March 17, 2020
1 minute

Multi-application customer case

The service provider was suffering from a number of issues in their network with regards to network quality and reliability. As a consequence, business customer services were not meeting the service level agreements. Identifying the issues was difficult as the network infrastructure was fragmented and the architecture different from country to country, so the service provider was looking for a solution that could identify and understand the problems in the network and establish proper visibility of its performance.

Creanord was chosen due to its flexibility to provide a unified and holistic view of performance overall across all  network areas: mobile backhaul performance monitoring, business service assurance, pan-European core monitoring, and data center performance monitoring. Also, the excellent integration capabilities and SDN readiness were key. The Kafka bus available in the Creanord solution breaks the silos between the OSS systems by distributing the data across the organization in a scalable manner making it future-proof as the service provider moves into 5G and IoT.

Network areas to meet the short- and long-term performance monitoring and measurement needs:

  • Mobile backhaul performance monitoring
  • Business service assurance
  • Pan-European core monitoring
  • Datacenter performance monitoring